The most notable accent - colorful kitchen. The blue on its facades grasps a bit of the oceans, hand-made tails from Spain reflects colorfulness of southern cultures. Cherry-colored retro refrigerator helps to create surprise moment in the kitchen.
Interior is dominated by textured-wooden motives. This helps to create the feeling of integrity within the interior.
Taking inspiration from the facades of southern architecture, all walls in this interior became a masterpiece of finishing workers - uneven, soft surface and gray color were used to create deep and unique texture.
Wallwash lights fills interior with indirect, soft and overflowing lighting. Corridor reminds us of small gallery where direct light highlights surface and decorations. Moreover, decorative lighting creates impression of iconic Spanish design guidelines and soft atmosphere.
Small details in the interior resonates with character and habits of the client. While designing large and small areas of the interior, materials, colors and lighting, choosing the decor elements straight from the life of the client, let us to create the interior which feels like home.

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